addresses issues of vaccine hesitancy and resistance and aids in the fight to control COVID-19

The MVP is a patient engagement platform that educates, communicates and monitors the health status of consumers including attitudes, behaviors and outcomes related to COVID-19. The platform informs consumers on issues related to the virus, exposure, prevention, testing, infection, treatment, vaccination, and follow-up. It also collects serial data over 3 months related to consumers’ vaccine experience including medical history related to chronic diseases, medications, potential side effects or adverse events, medical intervention and outcomes.
Deploying a library of over 250 learning modules, a proprietary platform powered by MedRespond invites patients to open a dialogue with a virtual healthcare expert on video. The platform anticipates questions using AI-based algorithms and delivers personalized, patient-centered responses that sound like a conversation and creates a community among users. It is a powerful tool to address issues related to vaccine hesitancy.

A second proprietary platform, powered by MediMergent, collects Real-World Evidence (RWE) related to post-COVID vaccination safety surveillance and multiple covariates including age, sex, race, ethnicity, community/zip code, and other social determinants of health (SDOH). Deploying a suite of digital apps, the MVP collects data on the COVID-19 vaccine linked to preventive care and disease management i.e., real-time monitoring of people with chronic diseases and methods to mitigate risks related to exposure, infection, hospitalization and potential death from the coronavirus. Proprietary analytics are applied to produce a comprehensive, multi-variate description of the population health and the effectiveness of its strategies to contain and eradicate COVID-19. The app-based platform collects Real-World Data (RWD) that is adjunctive to the serial data collected by the CDC via the V-Safe platform.

A third platform, powered by TalkBackTime, is deployed to directly communicate with consumers and obtain their feedback on pre-defined issues, producing candid and concise 30 second videos captured from cell phones, cameras or computers. The videos improve online communication and data collection by seeing respondents’ actual tone, mode and body language as they deliver richer insights from grassroots, members, TV viewers and other stakeholders. The analytics within the TalkBackTime platform profile multiple indices including age, sex, location, ethnicity and race. The consumer videos add a qualitative dimension to the quantitative RWD, which is particularly important in assessing not just demographics, but personal opinions about the quality of their lives and those of their loved ones. The videos bring to life the subjective side of issues like vaccine hesitancy and bias.

The three platforms are seamlessly integrated, and an overview of the MVP (My Vaccine Program) can be downloaded and viewed as PowerPoint presentation at: