“The patient is the most underutilized resource in healthcare.”

The patient speaks and we listen. You can't fix what you don't know.

MediMergent is a data collection and rules-based analytics company focused on Real-World Evidence (RWE) that empowers and utilizes the Voice of the Patient.

MediMergent’s distinctive cutomizable platform combines digital technologies, predictive analytics, and multi-stakeholder engagement to collect and analyze actionable data to improve outcomes and create value within the healthcare system.

MediMergent’s My Vaccine Program (MVP) addresses issues of vaccine hesitancy and resistance and aids in the fight to control COVID-19.
MediMergent’s platform provides a 360° view of patients’ healthcare journeys by integrating Real-World Data (RWD) acquired directly from both patients and stakeholders (including prescribers, pharmacists and payers) as well as wearable devices and apps.

Incorporating structured and unstructured information directly from patients, MediMergent’s proprietary algorithms interrogate multiple potentially discordant data sources in order to validate the “Truth” of the data. Analyzing integrated and validated RWD allows MediMergent to derive actionable insights, or Real-World Evidence (RWE), that gives confidence to our stakeholders and enables them to make more informed and effective decisions.