Meet MediMergent

The Next-Generation Real-World Evidence Company

At MediMergent, we are writing a new chapter in healthcare where the voice of the patient takes center stage. By embracing the power of “I”, we unlock the individual patient’s ability to generate accurate and comprehensive real-world data, dramatically impacting healthcare outcomes.

Our Mission

MediMergent’s mission is to humanize healthcare by empowering the patient to help find the truth in data. We are committed to placing the informed patient at the forefront of data collection, analyses, and Real-World Evidence.

We align our focus with the unique needs and experiences of each individual. By placing patients at center stage, we capture a comprehensive view of their healthcare journeys, enabling us to shape a new era of evidence-based decision-making and patient-centric care.

Our Vision

Transforming patient empowerment from concept to reality.

What We Do

We combine patient engagement, digital technologies, and predictive analytics to collect, integrate, and interrogate RWD from the context of the patient.

We provide transformative insights and outcomes to healthcare stakeholders by leveraging cutting-edge, FDA-compliant patient-experience tools and advanced clinical trial management technologies. Through these tools we collect real-time information directly from patients. These data are seamlessly integrated with RWD from multiple traditional sources including electronic health records, claims data, pharmacy data, SDOH, data from wearables, physiologic + emotion data, genomics, and cognitive scoring.

Our primary goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of each patient’s healthcare journey and uncover the truth of their reality. By converting patient insights into actionable knowledge, we drive unparalleled improvements in clinical outcomes, patient satisfaction, and overall healthcare quality.
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Why Work With Us

With MediMergent as your trusted partner, you gain access to groundbreaking solutions, unparalleled expertise, advanced technologies, and a passion for empowering the patient.

Our founders have decades of experience in the deployment of innovative technologies used to support the development of drugs, biologics, and devices. As practicing physicians, engineers, data curators, and futurists, we are dedicated to delivering impactful solutions to critical healthcare stakeholders and improving the overall quality of care for all patients across a varied range of human differences.

Collectively, our experience helped develop new treatments for diverse diseases, represented sponsors before the FDA, designed fit-for-purpose technologies for trial management and post-approval commercialization, and built ML/AI-driven algorithms for the analyses of complex data sets.

Under a long-standing research collaboration agreement with the FDA, MediMergent has helped to develop and validate digital tools for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of RWD incorporating the Voice of the Patient.

MediMergent partners with like-minded enterprises who share our vision for advancing patient-centered care. Together, we forge a powerful alliance that advances the humanization of healthcare, drives collective progress and health equity, accelerates time to market, and beneficially impacts the cost of care while retaining quality.

The patient is at the center of everything we do. Our validated tools humanize healthcare by collecting a 360-degree perspective of the patient’s lifestyle, social determinants of health, attitudes, and understanding of their wellness, illness, and treatment.

Combining these data with clinical outcomes including efficacy, safety, and medication adherence collectively serve as the core of RWD. This patient-centric approach leads to more accurate and meaningful insights that can be utilized to expand the importance of RWE.

Our validated suite of applications, based on regulatory requirements and guidelines for effective patient engagement, are interfaced with pioneering clinical trial management technologies.

We tokenize our data to maximize our access to diversified sources that can be aligned with the Voice of the Patient to create new use cases.

At MediMergent, we believe that every patient is the author of their unique story. It is within these stories that invaluable insights reside, enabling us to address how the Voice of the Patient serves as a critical variable in impacting health outcomes. We value the patient’s input and ensure its accuracy by comparing and contrasting its veracity and reliability to determine the “truth”. We then apply proprietary ML/AI-driven algorithms to analyze RWD.

Our data are power for healthcare stakeholders and includes information that is not traditionally available in research or in the public health domain. These data support more effective decision-making related to product development, regulatory pathways, personalized medicine, and healthcare reimbursement.

Our team has extensive, documented successes in product development, regulatory approvals, and developing fit-for-purpose solutions in collaboration with the FDA. We are drivers for the evolving landscape of RWE and decentralized clinical trials. Our work with regulatory bodies helps ensure the acquisition of quality data that can be used to drive adoption of patient-centered approaches for product approvals and label extensions.

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