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IsoPlexis Partners with MediMergent and The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders in Study of AZD7442 for Prevention of COVID-19 Infection in Immuno-Compromised Cancer Patients

Large multi-site COVID-19 study to use IsoPlexis Single Cell Functional Proteomics to survey immunity.

September 6, 2022 07:00 ET | Source: IsoPlexis Corporation

BRANFORD, Conn., Sept. 06, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

NASDAQ: ISO), IsoPlexis (NASDAQ): ISO), a company empowering labs to leverage the cells and proteome changing the course of human health, today announced a partnership with MediMergent, LLC, and The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD), an American Oncology Partners of Maryland practice, to leverage IsoPlexis’ single-cell proteomics in a large multi-site study of immuno-compromised cancer patients. The study entitled “Real World Evaluation of the Effectiveness of AZD7442 for Prevention of COVID-19 Infection in Immuno-Suppressed Cancer Patients”, will focus on immune cells’ functionality and their role in prevention of COVID-19 breakthrough infections in immuno-compromised patients, following administration of AZD7442 IM or IV. IsoPlexis’ platform uniquely reveals highly active cells capable of secreting multiple cytokines simultaneously. The company’s single-cell proteomics technology enables researchers to identify these highly powerful single cells which correlate with immune response, therapeutic persistence, and disease outcomes. In partnership with MediMergent, which designs and deploys programs to collect Real-World Evidence used for regulatory submission and product commercialization, and CCBD, a leading community oncology practice with locations in Bethesda and Germantown, Maryland, IsoPlexis will enable researchers to uncover T cell activity and mechanisms associated with COVID-19 breakthrough infections in immuno-compromised cancer patients.

“Through our partnership with MediMergent and CCBD, we hope to advance scientists’ understanding of the mechanisms of breakthrough COVID-19 infections in high-risk immuno-compromised cancer populations, and the potential role of highly-active cells and T cell polyfunctionality,” said IsoPlexis Chief Executive Officer, Sean Mackay. “We are excited to align with MediMergent and CCBD in their mission to give a voice to diverse patient populations and address issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic including vaccine hesitancy and resistance.”

“We are very excited to be able to measure not just B-cell function and antibody titers, but also T-cell function. This should allow us to correlate how different patients have different incidences of infection and how these T-cell measurements might shed light on differences in severity of infection,” noted Ralph Boccia, MD, FACP, Principal Investigator of the study.

“Understanding the different impacts of COVID-19 breakthrough infections is vital to developing better treatments for immuno-compromised patients, and we’re glad to be working with IsoPlexis to conduct this study,” said Bruce Garrett, MD, Chief Operating Officer at MediMergent. “We are looking forward to extracting new real-world evidence that will empower patients and aid in designing better therapeutics to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic.”

About IsoPlexis: IsoPlexis is empowering labs, changing the course of human health. Its systems uniquely identify a comprehensive range of multifunctional single cells, i.e. the superhero cells in the human body. These cells enable researchers to understand and predict disease progression, treatment resistance and therapeutic efficacy to advance all of human health. IsoPlexis has been named Top Innovation or Design by The Scientist Magazine, Fierce, BIG Innovation, Red Dot and multiple others. The IsoPlexis platform is used globally by researchers, including those at the top 15 global pharmaceutical companies and over two-thirds of leading U.S. comprehensive cancer centers. IsoPlexis systems are for research use only and not for use in diagnostic procedures.

About MediMergent: MediMergent, LLC is a data collection, integration and analytics company that utilizes its proprietary platform to implement customized, patient centric, real-world evidence projects for health care companies to support their commercial interests and regulators to better understand real-world patient safety and medication effectiveness.

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